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Parts of  Braces

Start Bag

There’s a lot of excitement at the start of orthodontic treatment. This is certainly helpful when embarking on an adventure that offers the possibility of such a dramatic reward at the end but which will demand considerable discipline during the process of reaching that end.

The above animation is helpful in identifying the various parts of braces and can be useful when calling the office to discuss problems related to them.

We have collected important information to help you complete your orthodontic treatment successfully. It begins with the Start Bag, which contains useful items to assist in keeping your mouth healthy and comfortable during braces.

Contents of your water bottle:

  • Wax packet: If anything is poking or rubbing you, take a small piece of wax, roll it in a ball and place on whatever is rubbing until you can come in for us to make you comfortable.
  • Orabase-B: If you get a sore or ulcer from something rubbing you, apply to affected area to numb.
  • Peroxyl: Use if your gums get red and puffy. Follow the directions on the packet.
  • Thera-Bite: As your teeth are moving, you sometimes feel the need to bite on something. This rubber wafer is safe to place in your mouth (during waking hours) and clench your teeth together to relieve the tension, making you more comfortable.
  • Disclosing Tablet: This pink tablet is useful to check for plaque on your teeth after brushing. Hint: Use at night because this will cause your lips, gums and tongue to turn pink. Directions: Brush your teeth as well as you can. Then chew the tablet, swish it around in your mouth and spit it out. Now look in the mirror for any pink areas on your teeth. This is the plaque that you missed when brushing. Now brush it off and remember these areas next time you brush..



Should you have an emergency after hours or on weekends, dial (281) 421-1100.

Follow the prompts carefully, and be sure to leave a detailed message with the patient’s first and last name, return phone number and the nature of your emergency. This will automatically page Dr. Buck, Dr. Johnston or the assistant on call.

Someone is always available to assist you!


Elastic Wear

The success of orthodontic treatment depends on a partnership between Doctors Buck and Johnston and the patient. There are a number of things that the patient must do to allow the treatment to proceed on schedule and to finish successfully. Taking good care of the braces to avoid breakage is a key factor. Keeping appointments or rescheduling in a timely manner is also critical to finishing on time.

Cooperation with elastic wear is one of the most essential factors in successful orthodontic treatment. The animation to the above depicts one example of wearing elastics. Elastic wear is nearly 24/7! This means that when instructed, they should be worn at all times other than eating. It is important to know that anything less will not allow the teeth to move. Parents should be vigilant and provide the support needed to wear the elastics. The number one question the Doctors are asked: “When will my braces be removed?” is almost always answered with “when you start wearing your elastics all the time!”. Failure to wear elastics is the number one reason for not finishing treatment on time!