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Information on Orthobucks

Do you want to have fun during your orthodontic treatment? With our patient incentive program, “Orthobucks,” you can! Check out the cool prizes you can win!!!! For the rules, check below.


  • Orthobucks are only awarded on regularly scheduled appointments. Walk-ins or emergency visits DO NOT APPLY!
  • Your Orthobucks are your responsibility. They are like real money.
  • Orthobucks begin once braces are started. There is a limit of 1 appointment per month.
  • Orthobucks are given to active patients only (Patients that are in braces).
  • Patients who are beyond their estimated completion date are not eligible for Orthobucks.

How to Earn Orthobucks

1. Excellent oral hygiene and nothing loose or broken – 1 OB

2. Wearing your Dr. Buck t-shirt to your appointment – 1 OB

3. Wearing your elastics or appliance as instructed – 1 OB

4. Just for referring a friend – 10 OBs

5. If your friend starts treatment – 50 OBs

6. Proof of community service – 5 OBs

7. Visit your general dentist for regular six-month check-ups (bring proof) – 1 OBs

Bring Your Report Card at the End of Each Semester

8. All A’s on your report card – 3 OBs

9. B’s and above – 2 OBs

10. C’s and above – 1 OB