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Rapid Palatal Expander

Attached to the upper molars, the Rapid Palatal Expander is an orthodontic appliance used to widen the upper jaw. It is typically used when the upper jaw is too narrow for the lower jaw or when the upper teeth are crowded.

When patients are still growing, the suture between the left and right halves of their upper jaw is very responsive to expansion. By turning a screw in the center of the expander, pressure causes bone to grow, ultimately resulting in an increased width to the jaw.

Crossbow Appliance

The Crossbow™ Appliance is used to correct overbites in children and teens.  The Xbow™ appliance prevents the lower jaw from moving backward, opening and closing movements still occur easily. Patients quickly learn to chew their food with their lower jaw in this new position.

Forsus Appliance

The Forsus appliance is used for overbite correction. Composed of a spring coil rod, the appliance is used while a patient is currently wearing braces. It runs from the upper first molar band down to the lower archwire.

Elastometric Ligation

Direct Bonding Procedure

Indirect Bonding Procedure

Mandibular Fixed Retainer