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Care of bands and brackets is necessary throughout treatment. They must be kept extra clean. The risk of decalcified white spots damaging the teeth is greatly increased when proper oral hygiene is not followed. It is strongly recommended that carbonated drinks be eliminated, as they dramatically increase the risk of white spot damage to the teeth.

Braces can be damaged by eating hard candy, chewing on ice, or biting into very bard or sticky foods. It is


Rubber bands will be required to guide the teeth into an ideal bite. Not wearing elastics as instructed will delay completion of treatment.

Estimated Treatment Time

Cooperation of patient and parent is essential in order to complete treatment in the estimated treatment time. Broken braces, missed appointments and failure to wear elastics can result in extended treatment time.

There are many other factors that make predicting the exact treatment time difficult. Our intent is to create the best possible smile with a healthy dentition. Our Commitment is to persist until this is accomplished!


Following the active phase of orthodontics, the patient enters a critical phase of treatment, which is retention. The retention period is to maintain the teeth in the corrected position. For many patients, wearing their retainers throughout their lifetime will be necessary to keep the teeth straight.

Family Dentist

We require that the patient’s teeth be cleaned and that all cavities be filled before orthodontic treatment begins. We recommend that the patient continue to see the family dentist every six months for cleaning and cavity checks during the entire orthodontic treatment. Good brushing is absolutely necessary during orthodontic treatment. Failure to do so can cause serious dental problems.


If your insurance policy offers orthodontic coverage, we will help you determine the coverage available to you and make arrangements based on the amount of estimated insurance. We are happy to help in any way in filing your claims and handling insurance on your behalf.