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“Dr Buck and Staff,
Thank you very much for all you have done for me these past few months. I truly believe your staff is the best out there. I have never been more pleased with my smile than I am today. Again, thank you for all your kindness you have shown me.”


“Dr Buck,
I just wanted to thank you for my fixed retainer you placed in February. My teeth looked great for my wedding and still do! And my wedding was perfect! God truly has blessed my husband and I! Thank you again!”

With love,
Jace & Leslie

“Totally worth it ! I thought I was too old to do this, but I am so glad I did now.”


 “The service here is incredible; I would recommend this to anyone who needs braces currently.”


“Dr Buck’s office is wonderful. Everyone is friendly and my teeth are amazing.”


“I recommend everyone to go to Dr. Buck, becasue he’s the best in town!”


 “I love my teeth! I am over satisfied with the outcome. I would not have selected a better orthodontist.”


Everyone at the Robert P. Buck’s office is very welcoming and helpful. I am very satisfied with my outcome!”

“I’m very pleased with the results of my treatment. Dr. Buck worked well between my periodontist and dentist to help me complete a bone graph, implant and braces.”

“Dr. Buck is very thorough and he definitely makes sure that you end up with perfect teeth. It may have taken longer that what I expected, but I came out with what I hoped for in the beginning.”

“I was very thankful to have Dr. Buck help change my life and to make me a new person! Now I am studying to be a dental assistant so I can help change lives! Dr. Buck and the assistants did a great job! And I love my new teeth.”

“Thank you so much for getting my teeth so pretty! It was worth the wait!”

“Keep up the friendly atmosphere you show towards your patients.”

“If anyone asked me who I think would be the best orthodontist, I would have to tell them Dr. Buck.”

“The execution of my treatment plan went very well. I love the final results that Dr. Buck and his staff produced.”


“I love my Smile now. I’m so glad I had braces!”

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