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At our office, we understand that whitening your teeth can make your new smile even better! We want to help you by offering two whitening options and let you decide what best fits your needs.

Options we offer:

  • Opalescence Whitening Syringes – for use with Essix retainers or custom trays
  • TrèsWhite Supreme – disposable trays for quick and easy whitening without custom trays

How does whitening work?

The peroxide in the whitening agent breaks down into tiny molecules and ions that are able to move inside the tooth structure, where they oxidize the pigment structures into more translucent substances/molecules. This effectively makes the tooth whiter.

Will whitening cause sensitivity?

Sensitivity can be a common side effect of bleaching. The Opalescence formulas we use include potassium nitrate and fluoride to decrease sensitivity and strengthen enamel.

TrèsWhite Supreme – Information and Instructions

  • 15% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Wear for up to 30 minutes (decrease time if you develop sensitivity issues)
  • Pleasant mint flavor